Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trip to Charleston

On Thursday, Christina and I left from Philadelphia to drive down to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to spend the night with the North Carolina to San Diego (NC2SD) route. On our way we caught traffic at nearly every point you could, Philadelphia (accident), Baltimore (accident), DC (construction), Richmond (rush hour). All said and done, I think we spend about 4 hours in traffic traveling at a near stand still. After leaving Philadelphia at 11:00 we finally arrived in Chapel Hill at 9:00. It was good to catch up with Joey, Megan, Cait and Chris, and see the NC2SDers.

We left yesterday morning and made our drive to Charleston which was much more pleasant than our drive the day before. We got into Charleston, picked up bikes that had been shipped, picked up breakfast (thanks Greuber’s) and then took a short ride through downtown. After our ride, we met up with Ashley, (another leader) and had dinner.  After dinner we went to Starbucks and did some work. Stan (leader) and Brendan (program director, aka my boss) arrived at about 1:30am.

We are finally altogether and are about to start leadership orientation this morning.

Wish me luck,

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