Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back in the Saddle

So I have been neglected my blog. Sort of. I have actually been working on a post to summarize what happened in Boston, but I struggling to come up with the appropriate words to describe it, but stay tuned I promise I will get that posted in the next couple of days.

We had another shakedown ride today and it was also my first day back on my bike. I wasn't exactly sure how I would react getting back on my bike and this morning when I was getting ready for the ride I had a hard time spending more than a few minutes at a time around my bike. I was riding sweep with Dits so I got to be the last one to leave, which was good. I took a few minutes and just rode around the parking lot trying to get settled back into my bike. Then I hit the road again. The first couple of miles were hard but I settled in and it actually felt good to be back on my bike. I also had several great conversations with Dits.

We mostly rode on a bike trail today, that ran between a river and an old rock quarry and it was absolutely beautiful. We rode out and back on the route so we had a nice descent on our way out which turned into a good climb on our way back.

In addition to our ride today, we also had a pool party at Mac's neighborhood pool which was great.

Tomorrow is going to be about 90 miles and it's late here so I am going to hit my Thermarest.


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  1. There are many of us in Athens and elsewhere who are thinking about you every day, cheering you on to push through the extreme adversity and continue your ride with even more meaning now than before. I don't know you or Christina personally, but appreciate you sharing this journey with all of the ups and downs. I lost a friend many years ago during a triathalon race when a truck was waived in front of him along a bike route. Your experience brings back old memories, and also inspires as triumph over extreme challenges. Keep riding, stay strong.