Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sweeping the Streets

So yesterday was the first real day back on our bikes, and it was real hard. Ninety miles, several hills and scorching heat. Oh and to top it all off, I was riding sweep as well. I don't really mind riding sweep but it was a struggle to get into a rhythm because I kept having to stop and it was an eleven hour ride. I was completely exhausted when I got to our host.

All that said it was really a beautiful ride. We had a climb right before our second lunch, which lead to this amazing lookout over the Arkansas River. It was absolutely gorgeous. I really didn't want to leave that lunch stop...especially considering there was another 30 miles to ride and I was already exhausted.

The last third of the day was a struggle for me. I started to cramp soon after the second lunch stop and by the time I got to mile 80ish, my legs weren't really cooperating. At one point in time, I managed to get a cramp in my left calf and my right quad at the same time.  I managed to clip out on the left side, but because of the angle my bike fell to the right, so I had no choice but to fall with it. No harm done though just a little embarrassing.

Today was a recovery day or it least it was supposed to be. It was 78 miles in the rain for the first half of the day. I actually had to pull off the road for about an hour to let a thunderstorm pass, which slowed me down a bit, but I wound up making really good time regardless. It wasn't as scenic as yesterday's route but it was a lot flatter and we got paintball DM'ed, which was pretty sweet. Three games and I only got shot once.

Upon rolling into Van Buren, AR we stopped at a Sonic, number 1 all the way with jalapenos, tater tots and a coke. It was pretty amazing after 78 miles. Then we ate dinner at the host too. Been a long two days and I'm really exhausted, but it has been and will continue to be a great experience.

108 miles tomorrow and Oklahoma!!


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