Monday, July 25, 2011


Normally, I give a brief update on the happenings of the past couple of days, but let's I'm sure that most of you have checked out the rider's blogs which I am sure sufficiently cover the details of the days. So I'll just share what's been going on inside this little noggin of mine while I spend hours on a bicycle.

As the summer grows to a close, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what my next step is. Obviously, the first step of going back to Georgia is easy, but what then? I have decided to delay going to graduate school for at least a semester. I know that right now I am not in the right frame of mind to go back to school right now and I remember all to clearly where that got me the first time around. I know that I need to get a job, but then I wonder if I should get a "professional" job and use my degree or just get any job that I can find. Obviously I'll make more money working in a professional setting but at the same time I don't really want to get complacent in because I am actually making a decent salary. However, working a regular job means I have regular hours and while I will eventually have to face the reality of a regular work schedule it is something I would like to delay as long as possible. It would also be beneficial to find a job with a national or regional company that I could work for while I was at grad school.

Which also brings up another issue. I originally decided to attend Georgia Southern because it was prudent choice. It was an in-state school with reasonable tuition and the opportunity to work as a graduate assistant. I realized through this summer that sometimes the prudent choice isn't always the best choice though. I wouldn't be unhappy going to Georgia Southern but at the same time I think I would be much happier going to a larger school. Meeting riders from so many big name schools has made me realize how much more opportunity there is going to those schools. I also think that I should take care to make sure that I am always happy in life. This is complex because life require sacrifices and sometimes in the midst of that sacrifice you don't always feel happy. Yet you know that the outcome on the other side is well worth the sacrifice that you endure currently and so the question remains is Georgia Southern a sacrifice with something better on the other end or does the real opportunity lie in another university? I wish I knew the answer to this. I do know though that getting into Georgia Southern and the thought of attending Georgia Southern has never really excited me and I think that is a bad sign. I think that I am going to reapply to some institutions this fall for early deadline and see what happens.

I have also consider doing more extended humanitarian projects. The two most prominent in my mind being Peace Corps and Teach for America.  Both organizations have their own pros and cons and rather than bore you with a list just know that I am carefully weighing them.

The other lingering question that remains is what to take from this little trip of mine. On the one hand I have had amazing opportunities to meet great people, do amazing things and most importantly help those who are less fortunate than me. On the other hand I have had to deal with a huge tragedy this summer which has left an indelible mark on my life. I don't mean to say that this summer hasn't been fun because it certainly has been, but at the same time I have not been myself and I wonder how much more fun it would have been. I shouldn't dwell on such things and yet my mind often drifts there. The truth is this summer has been this summer for better or worse. I can't change it so I must accept it as it is. I must remember the times that make me smile while I deal with the things that bring tears.

I know that I have rambled quite a bit and for that I apologize. As I close I question why I have written this for everyone to read. I think maybe I am hoping for that one piece of advice that makes everything clear, so please share your wisdom.


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  1. Kudos Jeremy! You have really put some thought into life after. I look forward to following your path to even more success. Remember, the J. Story College of Business!