Monday, July 11, 2011

Buena Vista, CO

So I am stopped in a small town in Colorado at a coffee shop lavishing in some internet time. The ride this morning has been pretty swell. Mostly flat to downhill for the first thirteen miles, a low grade mile climb, followed by fifteen miles down to where I am now. I'm not sure what the rest of the route holds but I have heard Twin Lakes is beautiful so it will be a good ride regardless of the terrain. I feel like I am in the heart of the Rockies right now and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Yesterday we had our first day back on the bikes after the Blitz Build into Hartsel and it wasn't without hiccups. We hit a pretty sketchy section of CO-24 that made quite a few riders nervous, so we decided to shuttle them forward in the route. It was a problem that was pretty easily solved. I got caught in a thunderstorm on the way. The rain was cold and physically hurt as it me as it fell from the sky. I made it into lunch and spent about half an hour at lunch with a cup of coffee and it passed through. On a positive note we did get to bike through Garden of the Gods, which was amazing.

Hartsel was a small and interesting town. It seemed that almost everyone there wore a cowboy hat, jeans and a plaid shirt. We went to the local bar and danced with the locals and I am pretty sure that everyone had an amazing time. I didn't do much dancing but I found that watching was highly entertaining. Since the community center that we were staying at couldn't really accommodate everyone, I wound up hanging my hammock out in the pavilion and trying to sleep out there. It worked pretty well until about 3am when the wind picked up a little bit. I tried to make my way into the community center without any luck so I slept in the van which I found really comfortable.

Anyhow I have just been informed that sweep is waiting on me to leave so I should get going. I'll try to update soon.


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